Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Fig Leaf

The saddest expression I have ever seen is when someone smiles through the dying.
More and more we are suppressing emotion because the emotional experience has become so predictable that even the mere thought of expressing an emotion of any kind presents us with a fear that people will start pointing out our behaviors to us. It has become quite easy to identify the behavioral and psychological dynamics that people operate from and because these human traits are common to man, all of us are susceptible to displaying them. And the more we display them, the easier it is to point and make an accusation. Fear of shame and the perception of weakness causes us to recoil away from expressing our emotions and this naturally causes us to suppress emotion. So, we pretend that we're not bothered by that, but we are.
People have adopted the belief that any expression of emotion is the equivalent of behavioral and psychological disrobing...sharing honestly has become self prohibitive as a defense mechanism because no one has the right to be vulnerable without shame or fear of attack. We watch what we say, what we do, even what we think because of social ramifications and the possibility of being behaviorally identified and classified. So, we ultimately conform and resort to living in emotional stealth mode. Conformity is social camouflage that allows us to hide in plain view, and the more we learn about human nature, the more camouflage we need.
Everyone walks around smiling and sharing pleasantries, but underneath it all, we are groaning. That groaning is a desire to not be so easily sized up psychologically or intellectually...and especially not emotionally.
Human behavior has been so analyzed at this point that it's been chalked up to instinct and stimuli and how we respond to it ...all lumped together in coffee table books. That desensitized and clinical approach to the human condition presents a view of the human experience that reduces the emotional being of a person towards obsolescence and human interaction and sharing is in decline right alongside it. Isolation becomes a safe haven for emotions because predictability of human behavior doesn't provide adequate social camouflage so instead, we hide.
As a result, the human experience is facing a relational winter and has been for quite some time. Relationships are distant and superficial despite the fact that we have a very common and intimate understanding of what makes us tick. Our intentions, motivations and behaviors have become transparent and hiding is how we cloth ourselves. Since we can't literally hide, we have to camouflage ourselves with emotional obsolescence (indifference) to mask our emotional and psychological nudity. What appears to others as apathy or indifference is really just a mask to hide our desperation to express emotion without judgment and condemnation.
We have become hyper vigilant and trust is difficult if not impossible to cultivate, because the minute you lower your defenses and become vulnerable, it is seen as weakness and weakness is an intolerable crime in society everywhere. This is why we turn to intimate relationships as a consolation for the suffering of hiding in plain view. Relationships become a place where you don't have to hide.
If  emotions become obsolete then experiences will naturally be devalued and social interaction will suffer. When we reach out to no one or that diminishes to suppression of emotion and we give up on consolation, we become non beneficial to each other. We no longer build relationships because we can gain no benefit of consolation, because emotions are devalued and obsolete.
If taking away the fig leaf of human nature leads us to hiding behind masks and apathetic responses to conceal any perception of vulnerability, then our existence has become pathetic. We really have been a buzz kill to each other, and lowering our quality of life by eviscerating emotion and exposing motives is how we've done it. We have stomped the mystery of the human experience into the ground.
The emotional and psychological manifestation of the human experience has been laid bare. Everyone is metaphorically naked and conformity is camouflage for being seen. It is the elephant in the room that everyone pretends is not there. Everyone is a social policeman on patrol and there is only one crime and it's recoil.
And what recoil do we attempt to conceal? The fact that we are not ok with detachment and apathy as camouflage. It's recoil from the fact that our camouflage doesn't make us feel safe, any more than sitting in a room naked with ten other naked people makes us feel safe. It's uncomfortable but we pretend it's not.
It's the pretending that bothers us the most. That is the elephant. Take away the fig leaf of human behavior and we isolate ourselves and we do this because we fear judgment for being our true selves. This is why trust is built on the foundation of non judgment and non condemnation and this is why no one trusts anyone because that's what we do...judge and condemn each other.
The safeguards we seek are trusting relationships and trust is in decline. If people had the power to touch another person and know a person as well that person knows themselves...people would recoil. Rightly so. Taking away the fig leaf of human behavior exposes us to unhealthy perceptions of ourselves and others and we become naturally suspicious of people looking too closely. This can threaten our sense of privacy and personal safety.
Mutual disclosure and getting to know someone and allowing someone to know us as well as we know ourselves is a choice to disrobe psychologically, physically, spiritually intellectually and emotionally. That choice can only be expressed in freedom...And it's a freedom that we afford to each other mutually. The human experience is about experiencing life and the deepest connections that we share, and those connections are deeply personal and based in a desire to be known as well as we know ourselves and have it be ok, but then again, this is why we pull away, because it's not ok.

 The minute you can't express the desire to be known and feel safe, we begin pretending. The minute we can't express how the pretending bothers us, we become a suspect and promote our own emotional obsolescence...our own indifference and apathy...emotional obsolescence has become our alibi for the crime of being human.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On Islam Muslim Refugees Tolerance And Violence

I can think of nothing more oppressive or tyrannical than being forced to tolerate intolerable behaviors. Muslim Refugee Gang Attacking a French Girl Rottingham Attack David Horowitz Exposes Intent Muslims Are Innocent Supposedly Muslim Girl Attacked in London Brigitte Gabriel speaks out against radical Islam 16 year old German girl pleas for help Woman accused of burning a Quran is murdered and later declared innocent.
So, why are non muslims concerned with muslims, especially in regards to refugees and immigration?
It's because of the bad behaviors that flow from the beliefs of Muslims under the influence of mainstream Islam. These bad behaviors are not isolated incidents but happening around Europe and the middle east and these behaviors are on full display for everyone to see. We seem to forget that we live in a highly visible world due to the digital, information and technological age and it is intolerable to be expected to overlook the effects that those beliefs and behaviors have on western civilization.
When countries open their borders, they are extending an invitation to that countries way of life. The people in the communities of those countries are welcoming immigrants and refugees to a better way of life, not to have their way of life over run by the same things that people claimed they were trying to escape.
Now before I go any further, no one is interested in condemning anyone's faith in God. Faith is a personal expression of worship towards a creator and religion is where people who share the same faith can have fellowship. However, if that faith influences it's followers that violence against others is a form of worship or obedience, then those beliefs and behaviors must be exposed, and scrutinized and in some cases condemned as intolerable. And let me be very frank here...If God commands violence towards others as an act of worship or obedience and expects that from me, then my answer to God is no.
The western world celebrates freedom and laws that protect people from uncivilized behavior, such as, seeking to violate the rights and choices of others or protection from people who present themselves as a danger to themselves and others, as well as those who refuse to take responsibility for their life and actions.
No one can convince me that it is civilized, holy or humane to violate or endanger others based on any ideological or religious claim whatsoever. Not even if God himself commanded me, face to face, would I be convinced to do so on his behalf. But, if I could be convinced, and I was commanded to fight against anyone that disagreed with me, and I called for tolerance of my faith, I would be told that my beliefs are intolerable. It doesn't matter if I am one person or one billion people sharing fellowship in the same belief. I would not be tolerated in the civilized world for behaviors that are uncivilized. But, for some reason tolerance is extended to Islam for ideological and religious claims that violate and endanger those outside the faith as well as those inside the faith.
Tolerance makes a very convenient excuse for bad behavior and having a lack of tolerance is used to accuse people of discriminations, such as Islamophobia or xenophobia. The fact is, people in western civilization are discriminating based only on behaviors that threaten the establishment of personal safety, which is held in place by the rule of law, that western civilization has worked so hard to establish. No one should be forced to tolerate any bad behaviors that flow from beliefs that contradict what it means to be civilized.
It's not as though the rules of western civilization are complex.
You cannot violate the rights and choices of others.
You cannot present yourself as a danger to self and others.
You take responsibility for your life and actions.
Participation in what we call civilization is contingent upon a mutual belief about what it means to be civilized.
We have no problem denying criminals the right to participate in civilization when they violate the rights and choices of others and present themselves as a danger to self and others and compound matters by not taking responsibility for their life and actions. Yet for some reason we afford tolerance for similar behaviors found in Islam and no one points it out. Again, let's face it these behaviors backed by ideological and religious belief are often criminal. If a person can lose their life just by leaving the faith or drawing a cartoon or being accused of witchcraft or burning a Quran only to be found innocent the next day, is this not a cause for deep concern to everyone?
Islam capitalizes on political correctness to virtually misbehave with impunity. Political correctness is forcing western civilization to hand over the keys to our way of life only to have it replaced by the middle eastern way of life. Excuse me if I'm wrong but, isn't that what immigrants and refugees trying to escape?
The beliefs that promote Islamic domination of the whole world will never change. It is core to the teachings of Islam. This is about ascension by any means necessary and that rests on the foundation that Muslims are innocent and everyone else is guilty. That is a foothold for abuse based upon an inherent superior and elitist world view. The best response for everyone's sake is not to tolerate but rather confront the beliefs and behaviors that hold that world view in place and to do it on the basis of general safety for all. Fundamental Islam will never seek to grow and develop away from ancient behaviors and beliefs that intend to dominate the world. There is no incentive to do so. These are not isolated beliefs and behaviors when we see public demonstrations and intentions promoting that dominance. Now Islamic domination and ascension is a big subject that I may go into in another video but suffice to say that intention is real.
Finding a common ground is impossible if people are not willing to see beliefs as the driving force behind these bad behaviors.
Forcing people to turn the other cheek so that Muslims can get away with intimidation, bullying and attacking people is intolerable. Muslims are in no way superior or above common notions of civilized behavior. And Muslims have every right to be expect the same civility as reciprocal. That's what it means to be civilized and human.
The doctrine of tolerance is derailing everything we stand for in western civilization.
Consider racism. Facing the issue of racism is not found in the differences of skin color. Facing the issue of racism is about confronting racial beliefs and the behaviors that flow from those beliefs.
Confronting Islam is no different.
It surprises me that the doctrine of tolerance is something that we associate to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. Tolerance was not his message to the world. He cried out for mutual dignity and esteem based on being judged on the content of his character and rightly so and he demanded that he also be able to judge others based on the content of their character as well. If tolerance was at the heart of his famous "I Have A Dream" speech, then that speech would've gone down in history as the greatest apology ever given for being black. He wasn't crying out for tolerance, he was crying out for mutual esteem based on content of character and that is a direct correlation to mutual accountability as it relates to behavior. In other words, character is directly related to behavior and that's a two way street.
So too, are non Muslims crying out for mutual dignity and demanding the right to judge people based on their behaviors. Especially if those behaviors pose a clear threat to the western world's way of life. So, being able to discern a person's content of character, found in their behaviors, is a paramount concern to everyone.
People don't feel safe and rightly so. Their concerns are valid because they can't discern intentions. It becomes necessary to publicly state what those intentions are and to scrutinize the beliefs of Islam to expose those intentions and in some cases condemn those intentions as having no place in the civilized world.
Let's face it, we all discriminate and we do so because the need for safety in the multicultural world is immediate, especially when those cultures are very different and suddenly placed together. Storms are brewing because of these differences and governments that refuse to acknowledge this because of political correctness and the incessant doctrine of tolerance, are becoming the architects of the destruction of everything we call civilized.
How can nations be expected to discern the intentions of a completely different culture if not through the behaviors that flow from beliefs found in that culture? The best way to discern intent is through behaviors and those behaviors like it or not are driven by beliefs. There's really nothing to figure out. Behaviors speak for themselves. Nations should not have to calibrate their way of life to be tolerant of bad behavior.
The politically correct doctrine of tolerance is completely derailing every attempt to confront the beliefs found in Islam and subsequent behaviors.
Every time I hear the word tolerance, I hear a word used to make an excuse for bad behavior. It's time to confront that word in the conversations and demand that it not be used synonymously with mutual esteem which could never make an excuse for bad behavior. Mutual esteem is an antonym of tolerance because it naturally seeks to eliminate the double standards that tolerance promotes when it makes an excuse for bad behavior on behalf of any ideology or religion and that is not limited to just Islam.
Will Islam ever change? I don't think so and it's not because it can't change. It's because the rest of the world continues to promote tolerance and make excuses for ancient behaviors that have no place in a civilized world.
How clever a single word like "Tolerance" can be when used to make an excuse for bad behaviors and I'm surprised that this point is never made.
It's time for beliefs to progress towards a more civilized future and when that happens, behaviors will follow.
Being forced to suffer intolerable behavior is what is being examined in this video.
We simply must discriminate between good behavior and bad behavior as well as good intention and bad intention. Then we have to decide what's tolerable and what's intolerable.
I can think of nothing more oppressive or tyrannical than being forced to tolerate intolerable behaviors.
Take care.